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Kundalika River rafting — July 25, 2012

Kundalika River rafting

Adventure is the soul of my life, so my first blog dedicated to one of the best adventure..

Kundalika is a small river flowing from hills of Sahyadri to ArabianĀ  Sea. Its an ideal place for short overnight or day trips. I never knew there was such a wealth of adventure in the deep forests below Mulshi and Bhira dam.

The one and half hour,wet and wild run down the 14 km stretch has been a heart throbbing experience. the force of water.. the energy.. you know nothing but gushing water around and the edge you have to reach to survive. Its a “must be” experience for every adventure lover, but under professional guidance for novice.

As long as I live, I wish to hear the waterfall and birds chirping.. to interpret the rocks..learn the language of storms..and live the wilderness of forests..

Coming up next is water rappelling experience..!!