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Dapoli..! — February 4, 2014


Dapoli is rightly famous for its untouched scenic beauty. A perfect destination for a weekend break. The 5 hour journey from pune can get little tiring due to poor condition of roads but once u enter the konkan strip, the visual treat of small houses with sloped roofs and coconut trees relieves you of all your stress. The clean beaches add to it. Murud beach is famous for small set of water sports. Connected to it is karde and then ladghar beach. Not very big or populated but perfect to chill you down. This strip of beaches is also famous for another activity : dolphin watching. Localites say dolphins used to play at beaches until few years ago. Human interventions have pushed them in the deep sea. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a glimpse of their play when you go for a boat ride else simply enjoy a ride in sea. Food at beaches is mostly available on pre-order. Restaurants are available only in dapoli. Homely food served with lot of hospitality adds to the stay there. Sunset on the beach is a must watch. One of the places of attraction which search engines help u find are panhekelaji caves which are said to be carved by the pandavas. The road to the caves is, which I personally don’t want to call bad but rather, adventurous. Small local roads of red mud, which have no touch of tar. It’s simply not for naive drivers. And once you have reached after an hours drive along this small rural road, steep slopes and dense vegetation on both side of road,all covered with red soil, you enter with high expectations for the caves. However you find a series of unatended small caves and lot of scope for exploration. This place is meagerly populated. It’s completely “enter at your own risk.” But at the same time full of scenic beauty and historical Importance for all those who have the interest. You can surely return back with loads of beautiful memories and a lot of sand..!!






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