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Pearls of Hyderabad — April 22, 2015

Pearls of Hyderabad

Some call it the city of pearls while some call it architectural gem- mosques, tombs, museums and palaces;most maintained, few weathered. Many call it the IT dynasty these days while few remember the rich cultural background. One of the most famous place for food lovers, offering Haleem and Biryanis as it’s specialty. It is one of the very few cities offering a long list of tourist attractions. Listing a few here.

  • Charminar – Worth climbing all the steps and get on the top of it. The city view from the top is breath taking. Macca masjid is next to Charminar, worth taking the pictures from the top. Closed at night, and crowded with beggars in day time.
  • Salarjung Museum – Truly a great collection for a single man. Must watch are veiled Rebecca and two faced sculpture. No good restaurants around, so make sure to carry your own food. Minimum time required to visit the museum is 3-4 hours. It is closed on Fridays and National Holidays, and also is very particualr about its 5 o ‘clock closing time.
  • Birla Mandir – Calm and serene place on a small hillock,completely built by marble stone. Quite near to Lumbini park and Hussain sagar. Very nice view from the top. Photography is prohibited here so make sure to keep your camera safe.
  • Hussain Sagar – Lumbini Park –  is at the entrance of Hussain Sagar lake. its a small garden with small play area for kids. There is a laser show around 7.15 which is quite good. You can go for a boat ride to Buddha statue that is in the middle of Hussain Sagar lake. The lake is not very well maintained. Best time to go is around sunset to enjoy the lighting effects.
  • Ramoji Film City – This place is situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad. There are buses provided to and fro to the inside of studio. They provide you with good facilities for water and food. The studio gives an insight of Bollywood films. If you want to see the city completely, reach by 9am for the opening ceremony. Once opening is done,you can go for site seeing tours in buses operated by Ramoji and cost is included in tickets. Afternoon you can go for shows like Ramoji tower, Ramoji movie magic,Stunt show etc. Other attractions include butterfly park, birds zoo and the bonsai garden.

Veiled Rebecca Two Faced Scuplture Bird Garden-Film City Sun Chario - Film City Hussain Sagar